6 Best Places to Visit in Vijayawada: Explore More!

6 Best Places to Visit in Vijayawada

6 Best Places to Visit in Vijayawada

Vijayawada is a magnificent town in the center of Andhra Pradesh, located on the shores of the Krishna River. Vijayawada has outstanding tourism destinations, offering guests the perfect combination.

Its old town represents the city's features, rich culture, and historical heritage, whereas the new place offers visitors to enjoy modernity and modern life. So, if you're planning a trip to Vijayawada for your upcoming holiday, these greatest locations to see in Vijayawada will not let you down.

1. Bhavani Island

Begin the journey to Bhavani Island if you're looking for an unusual holiday. Bhavani Island is about 130 hectares in size and is located on the shores of the Krishna River. This is not only a wonderful spot for nature enthusiasts. Yet, it also provides travellers with various recreational water activities, boating, other scuba diving, and exquisite food offered at the island's eateries.

2. Kanaka Durga Temple

Kanaka temple is among the best locations to explore in Vijayawada. This sacred temple is devoted to Goddess Durga and therefore is constructed in Dravidian style buildings near the shores of the Krishna River and encircled by the gorgeous Indrakiladri mountains. Hundreds of worshippers from all across the country to this old temple to pray and ask favors year-round.

3. Besant Road

Besant Road, one of Vijayawada's most well-known retail areas, invites some wild purchasing. Each traveller wishes to purchase goods until they fall because a vacation would be meaningless without it. Yet, you will not be able to avoid purchasing in Vijayawada. Visitors can also experience native Andhra cuisine at a few top cafes and buy at cheap flea marketplaces and luxury retail malls; this bustling business route embodies the city's character, which every traveller should see.

4. Kondapalli Fort

This is another interesting tourist destination in Vijayawada. It should be on your travel list to see in Vijayawada. This three-story fort, which dates back to ancient times and is perched on a hill, gives amazing city views. At first, the fort was built for leisure purposes, but the British later utilized it as an army training station. Visitors to the fort can also go to the Kondapalli Village, which produces colourful lightwood toys.

5. Victoria Museum

This museum is widely regarded as among Vijayawada's best ancient sites and is a visual delight for archaeology buffs. This exhibition will undoubtedly take you backwards in history as you go through it. The museum, which houses old idols, sculptures, paintings, weaponry, cutlery, and writings, also has a large Buddha sculpture that provides for a great photo opportunity.

6. Rajiv Gandhi Park

The Rajiv Gandhi Park is among the best spots to explore in Vijayawada if you want to enjoy some peaceful, idle, and comfortable time on the road. Sunflowers, lush grass, and lush foliage abound in this well-kept park, which also has a little zoo and offers a musical presentation every day.


Vijayawada offers a diverse range of opportunities for exploring the city's visual splendour, from beautiful buildings to historic sites, wildlife parks to natural areas, and religious sites. These facilities help promote Vijayawada tourism, providing visitors with a special experience.

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