6 Famous Street Food Items in Vijayawada: Know More!

6 Famous Street Food Items in Vijayawada

6 Famous Street Food Items in Vijayawada

Vijayawada is known for its spicy delicacies and tasty desserts concerning local cuisine. Its sidewalks are bustling with merchants who open a store early in the mornings and offer until late at night.

Enjoy a culinary tour around the city's major regions to stimulate your sense of taste with the incredible variety of delectable dishes inspired by many ethnicities, both local and from across India! Below is a list of Vijayawada street cuisine you should taste.

Best Street Foods in Vijayawada

1. Pulihora

Pulihora or Tamarind rice is a popular dish in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh regions. It is prepared by adding tamarind paste to rice and turmeric powder, giving it a greater taste and flavour. It is often served with pickle as an accompaniment. This dish can be prepared in several ways by adding vegetables like potatoes and beans or using jaggery instead of sugar.

2. Chicken 65

Chicken 65 is a popular South Indian fast food dish in Chennai. It is prepared with marinated chicken pieces that are deep-fried until they turn golden brown and juicy on the inside. The number '65' derives from 1965 when Buhari Hotel first introduced the recipe in Chennai!.

3. Mirchi Bajji

Mirchi Bajji is one of the most popular street food in Vijayawada. It is made with long green chilli stuffed with spices like coriander and chickpea flour and then deep-fried in oil till it turns golden brown. Mirchi Bajji tastes too good when served hot. They go well with coconut chutney, tamarind chutney and tomato sauce as dips. It is among the most popular street foods in Vijayawada and Andhra Pradesh.

4. Rava Dosa

Rava Dosa is another popular street food in South India. Rava Dosa is called Sooji Dosa in Hindi. This dosa is made from semolina, rice flour, and spices. Rava Dosa is also called a crispy dosa due to its crispy taste and texture. The main speciality of Rava Dosa is that this dosa can be prepared very quickly without much preparation time.

mirci baji
5. Killi

Killi is a deep-fried snack made with rice flour, spices, and sweet or raw bananas. It is served with a special chutney or groundnut podi (powder). This dish is usually served as a starter or as a snack. You can find this in many restaurants, but it tastes best when it's hot and fresh off the pan.

6. Boorelu

Boorelu is a traditional sweet dish made with black lentils and rice flour. They are stuffed with jaggery and coconut mix and then deep-fried till golden brown. You will find this dish during festivals, but now it is available throughout the year in many bakeries and restaurants around Vijayawada.


Vijayawada is an important food destination in India. The street food served in Vijayawada is varied and delicious. The street food of Vijayawada also has historical significance. The best street foods in Vijayawada are widely famous and attract many tourists worldwide to the city just for its delicious, tasty and mouth-watering street foods.